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Fotografen, opgelet, het grootste foodevent van Haarlem staat weer voor de deur: Haarlem Culinair! Vier dagen lang, van donderdag 6 augustus t/m zondag 9 augustus 2015 wordt de Grote Markt voor de 21ste keer weer volledig omgetoverd tot een culinair terrein, vol potentiele mooie shoots . Wij van de Haarlem Photo Club gaan ernaartoe. Om te kijken, fotograferen en proeven! Read More


Back in May we had this photo contest where our members could upload their best spring photo. We received some nice ones, some that were a bit less nice and a few outstanding photos that really gave us that crisp new spring feeling. Our jury chose a winner and selected 10 other photos. Read More

Finally it’s spring! It’s getting warmer, lambs run in the fields, trees and plants are in bloom…. Enough subjects for wonderful pics!

Do you have nice Dutch Spring photos? Join our Spring photo contest, be published and win!

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Een intiem portret van een homostel in de Russische stad Sint-Petersburg is uitgeroepen tot de beste foto van het afgelopen jaar. De Deense fotograaf Mads Nissen is daarmee de winnaar van de World Press Photo 2014, maakte de jury vandaag bekend in Amsterdam.

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Virtual Challenge: FOOD

Upload your best food photo, vote and be published!

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Haarlem! The popular quarter De Vijfhoek in Haarlem, the Jopen Festival with Medieval setting and costumes, music, theatre and ancient craftsmanships performances! i.e. tons of occasion to take interesting shots!  Warm and sunny weather!  We had the best ingredients for a wonderful PHOTO WALK.  

What about the shoots? Our jury, this time composed by and Bernadet Gribnau and Edouard Reny made a selection of 9 photos of the walk and commented them. (Featured photo: by Lybil Ber)

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Doe je mee aan onze wedstrijd “Virtual Challenge: Candle Light”? Uploaden kan vanaf vandaag tot 20 januari en kiezen tot 31 januari 2015. Maak gebruik van de sfeervolle feestdagen en schiet je mooiste shoots! Hieronder wat tips om kaarslicht te fotograferen.

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What is a virtual challenge?

The virtual challenge means that there is no physical event but we go away and photograph photos in keeping with the chosen theme and then post them into the Haarlem Photo Club Flickr album.

Challenge theme: Candle Light

Challenge posting period: today- 20th January 2015

Where to post: https://www.flickr.com/groups/haarlemphotoclub

Challenge voting period: 21th-31th January 2015

Challenge Voting system:

From the 21th January – 31st of January you can vote for your favourite photo by clicking on favourites

Things to consider:

Picture should ideally be taken between now and the deadline. Try and avoid posting from your archive (of course if you have THE shot in your archive matching the theme you can post it but please mention that it comes from the archive).


One of the best things about virtual challenges is the opportunity to give each other feedback once the deadline for voting is passed (till max 1 week after the deadline) . So make some time to review other submissions and try to give constructive feedback or explain why you liked the photo to the photographer.


We will publish the most voted photos on our website: http://haarlemfotoclub.nl/

This year’s National Geographic photo contest show a perfect interpretation of how technology enables us to communicate with anybody at any time, but at the same time makes us forget the ones that are near us. The photo shows a young woman in the metro in Hong Kong, staring at the screen of her smartphone, seemly unaware of everybody around her.

Or, as photographer Brian Yen explains:

I feel a certain contradiction when I look at the picture. On the one hand, I feel the liberating gift of technology. On the other hand, I feel people don’t even try to be neighborly anymore, because they don’t have to.

National Geographic chose the picture out of more than 9200 submissions, divided into the categories people, places and nature. Yen was the general winner, coming out of the people category. In nature it was Nicole Cambre from Brussels who came in first with a photo of migrating wildebeests, while Singaporian Tristion Yeo‘s photo of a thermal spa in Budapest top-ranked the places category.

"The great migration" by Nicole Cambre

“The great migration” by Nicole Cambre

"Bathing in Budapest" by Triston Yeo

“Bathing in Budapest” by Triston Yeo

Check out all contest photos on National Geographic’s website.



Our Haarlem Photo Club member Daniela Muente made it to the Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk top 10 winners with her photo taken during the Haarlem Photo Walk co-organised with the Haarlem Photo Club this October. Congratulations Daniela, the Haarlem Photo Club is super proud of you!

Look also at all the photos made during the Haarlem World Wide Photo Walk.

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Haarlem! Summer! Open Air! Photography! We had the best ingredients for a wonderful PHOTO WALK. A bit of wind didn’t spoil our day: 42 photographers having a great day!

What about the shoots? Our jury, composed of our Photo Club Team members and Photographers Alex Chalkley and Gerlinde de Haas made a selection of photos of the walk and commented them and gave some names and links of masters of street photography. Our Jury’s message is: get inspired, learn from each other and learn from constructive feedback to improve your skills.

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Who does not know the picture of the Afghan girl with penetrating glance? It is world famous picture of Steve McCurry; also known as “the Mona Lisa of photography. Like this picture, there are numerous other photos that have been under the banner of National Geographic. The work of 10 great photographers exhibited in the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam.

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Back in May we had this photo contest where our members could upload their best spring photo. We received some nice ones, some that were a bit less nice and a few outstanding photos that really gave us that crisp new spring feeling. Read More

Now the good weather has arrived, it is time to go outside again! Haarlem and surroundings has some beautiful spots where you can take great pictures, think of the canals, Elswout and the Dunes. Here are some tips for improving your photography. We would love to see the result in our Spring Photo Competition!  

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