Masters of Photography by National Geographic

Who does not know the picture of the Afghan girl with penetrating glance? It is world famous picture of Steve McCurry; also known as “the Mona Lisa of photography. Like this picture, there are numerous other photos that have been under the banner of National Geographic. The work of 10 great photographers exhibited in the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam.

The work of 10 great photographers; Frans Lanting, Steve McCurry, David Doubilet, Michael Yamashita, Joel Sartore, Jodi Cobb, Michael Nichols, Chris Johns, Annie Griffiths en Paul Nicklen. A selection of photos that only can bring astonishment, compelling and admiration on the surface of every viewer.

“Masters of Photography” is also a 10-part bookseries, published by National Geographic.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Tropical Museum and National Geographic you can admire a selection of those masterpieces in this exhibition till 19th October.

Shorts about the photographers, their wonderful journeys all over the world is worth to mention.

1. Frans Lanting is a Dutch photographer and his passion is all about learning to appreciate nature and take a moment to capture the beauty, organizing this year with WNF the Frans Lanting Award.

2. Steve McCurry is well known for his portraits and the world famous “Afghan Girl”. The girl with the green eyes can be admired in this exhibition in Amsterdam.

3. David Doubilet has a long and intimate vision into the sea. David has since long mastered the techniques of working with water and light to become one of the world’s most celebrated underwater photographers and a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine.

4. Michael Yamashita has been shooting for the National Geographic magazine for over 30 years, combining his dual passions of photography and travel. Yamashita’s particular specialty is in retracing the paths of famous travellers, resulting in stories on Marco Polo, the Japanese poet Basho and the Chinese explorer Zheng He.

Silk road and the great wall (Photo: Michael Yamashita )

“Silk road and the great wall” (Photo: Michael Yamashita )

5. Joel Sartore is on a mission to document endangered species and landscapes in order to show a world worth saving. His first National Geographic assignments introduced him to nature photography and also allowed him to see human impact on the environment first-hand.

6. Jodi Cobb is exposing the two sides of a medal, in search for complex environments.

7. Michael Nichols has photographed 26 stories for National Geographic magazine, most recently “The Short Happy Life of a Serengeti Lion” (NGM August 2013), breaking new ground in photographing the king of the beasts using infrared, a robot controlled mini-tank for eye-level views and a tiny camera carrying electric helicopter.

8. Chris Johns’, Route 93, Rocky Mountains are just a little grip on his travels through the world.

A cheetah cub with a bloodstained muzzle  (Photo: NGS stock photo by©Chris Johns)

“A cheetah cub with a bloodstained muzzle” (Photo: Chris Johns)

9. Annie Griffiths is one of the first women photographers to work for National Geographic, Annie Griffiths has photographed in nearly 150 countries during her illustrious career.

10. Paul Nicklen his photography is about the changing Polar Regions due to the effects of a warming planet. It can be very confronting realising we have to be all more careful about the environments we live in. This is what Paul wants to let people see.

Polar bears (Photo: Paul Nicklen)

“Polar bears” (Photo: Paul Nicklen)


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