Join our Spring photo contest and win!

Finally it’s spring! It’s getting warmer, lambs run in the fields, trees and plants are in bloom…. Enough subjects for wonderful pics!

Do you have nice Dutch Spring photos? Join our Spring photo contest, be published and win!

How can you participate in our Spring photo contest?


What can you win participating in our Spring photo contest?
  • Before the end of May we will publish the 10 most beautiful or catchy photos on our website with the name of their great photographer on the Haarlem Photo Club and on the expatsHaarlem website.  The jury is composed by the Haarlem Photo Club Team. Show your friends and photography lovers your talent!
  • The best picture also wins a tasty Spring Beer package!



Win lente bier

Win a tasty Spring Beer package!

Arianna Ardia-Wenink
Arianna studied Literature and Arts at the University of Amsterdam, where she specialised a.o. in "museology" and "organisation & marketing of blockbuster exhibitions". After working for 6 years as market researcher & marketing analyst at, now she focuses her photography love and enthusiasm on the Haarlem Photo Club.

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