Haarlem photo club
Peace Palace

Feedback The Hague City Photo Walk – Special guests at Peace Palace

The idea of this outing was to discover Den Haag city though its variety of architecture old and modern. With an exceptional stop our photo walk leader Lybil Ber showed us his office. We were special guests at… Read More

William The Silent pondering

MEETING WILLIAM THE SILENT at the Hague City Photo Walk 2014

Three months ago I moved to the Netherlands, having spent one year moving back and forth from India to The Netherlands, till I could pass my Dutch integration test, to get a long term visa,. Having given an… Read More

Photo Stories 1895-2014 will tell you why

Every photo has a story. Why does someone during his whole life shoot only woman legs? Who was the woman with the mysterious name Tai Aagen-Moro? And what’s in the soup of Daguerre?