Feedback The Hague City Photo Walk – Special guests at Peace Palace

Peace Palace

The idea of this outing was to discover Den Haag city though its variety of architecture old and modern. With an exceptional stop our photo walk leader Lybil Ber showed us his office. We were special guests at Peace Palace!  IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

We asked a professional photographer and trainer, Mark de Rooij to make a selection of 5 photos and to comment them. 

Our jury

Mark de RooijMark de Rooij is a well known photography trainer in the Netherlands. He is the owner/manager at the biggest on-line photography training institute in the Netherlands. Find more information about him here.


Selected and commented Photos The Hague City Photo Walk – Special guests at Peace Palace


1) Jelena Cernigina


The reflection of the city hall creates an amazing photos. The subject fills the frame almost completely which is a good thing to avoid any distraction.

2) Jelena Cernigina


One of my favorite photo’s! The light does a perfect job and the contrast in this black and white photo is just perfect.


3) Bernadet Gribnau


This is a great place to take photos. I like the all the lines and it is great that the photographer included a few people in the photo as well.


4) Arianna Ardia-Wenink


The subject is maybe simplistic, but all the colors makes this picture.


5) Jelena Cernigina


Black and white combined with a shallow depth of field often works great. Also in this picture.


Our guest’s photo.

Lybil Ber



Arianna Ardia-Wenink
Arianna studied Literature and Arts at the University of Amsterdam, where she specialised a.o. in "museology" and "organisation & marketing of blockbuster exhibitions". After working for 6 years as market researcher & marketing analyst at, now she focuses her photography love and enthusiasm on the Haarlem Photo Club.

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