Reaching the center of Haarlem during Serious Request

Reaching the center of Haarlem during Serious Request (Photo: Olaf Kramer Fotografie;

Thursday evening December 18, the door of the Glass House on the Grote Market will be closed. This is the moment that 3FM Serious Request has officially begun and Haarlem can six days long welcome many visitors. According to Haarlem expects 600.000 tot 700.000 interested people. Haarlem has started preparations and is ready for it! (Featured Photo by Olaf Kramer Fotografie).

Primarily, the municipality aims to make the event safe. To realize that partners (Haarlem Marketing, HES, police and fire services, 3FM and Rode Kruis) worked hard to achieve a good, safe and cozy event. To to properly manage the flow of visitors, additional measures have been taken and applied to the specific house rules.

Haarlem centrum tijdens Serious Request


During the event the center of Haarlem will be a pedestrian area. It is not allowed to enter the Grote Markt with a bicycle, not even walking with the bike in your hand. . Stole your bike for free in one of the guarded and covered bicycle on:
– Station Haarlem CS (05:00 to 2:15 pm)
– Botermarkt (08.00-24.00 hours, 21/12 from 11:00)
– Smedestraat (18/12 07.30- 02.00; 19/12 and 20/12 08:30 05:00; 11:00 to 18:00 pm 21/12; 22/12 t / m 24/12 07.30-24.00 hours)
– Jacobijnestraat (10.00-24.00 hours).

There are also additional, unguarded bicycle parking spaces at Boereplein, de Turfmarkt, De Dreef, Nassaulaan en Parklaan.


Better not to take the car.

5 public parkings are open:

– De Appelaar
– De Kamp (east)
– Houtplein (south)
– Raaks (west)
– Station (north)

Visitors should be aware that they can be quickly filled and in the streets there is little or no parking. Just outside the center you can park in garage Cronje (north) and the Drive (south). At the entrances to the city routes car parks are indicated to the car parkings.


For visitors arriving by train or bus it is advised to check departure times in advance and plan the route with the up-to-date travel information via During 3FM Serious Request a large number of visitors using public transport are expected.

NS offers on Thursday 18 and Wednesday, December 24th longer trains to and from Haarlem to bring all visitors to the event.

TIP: Make sure you travel with a valid ticket. Do you have a smart card, ensure that there is enough on your card.

(Source: Gemeente Haarlem)

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