Nieuwe Bavo Church Photo Walk

A special walk again: Walking from the Vijfhoek, one of the nicest quarters in Haarlem, to the Nieuwe Bavo Church with a Haarlem’s Professional City Guide, who will also give us a guided tour OUTSIDE and INSIDE the church. The guided tour will be held by John de Laat, who was also our guide at the Proveniershof Photo Walk. He arranged again a special tour for us: the priest himself will welcome us in his church after the 12 h ceremony.

This neo-Gothic church was finished in 1930 and is dedicated to the city’s patron saint.  Some 100 meters long, 42 meters wide, and 60 meters high, it’s a good example of the transition in church architecture from traditional to more modern designs. Highlights include the Cathedral Treasury. Other notable features are the fine stained glass, as well as sculptures and paintings by well-known Dutch artists. Also of note is the Willibrord Organ, built in 1923 with four manuals and 75 stops.

Costs: € 10 including the guided tour and the church entrance fee (Cathedral and the new Cathedral Museum). To be paid cash at the meeting point.

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