FULL: HPC Forteiland IJmuiden/Fortress Island IJmuiden Photo Walk 2015

A special day: Forteiland Publieksdag. We will be there. And how! 

We will depart at 12:45 with the vessel ‘Koningin Emma’ from the ‘Kop van de Haven’ in IJmuiden to the Fortress Island. There Peter Herweijer, professional photographer (fotoserviceijmond.nl) and Fortress Island guide will guide this great two hours lasting photo walk. 

Of course we also want to know each other, exchange experiences and discuss our shoots. So, we will have a drink break on Fortress Island itself! 

More information can be found at www.kustfort.nl and www.ijmuidenserondvaart.nl 

Costs: the guided tour is FREE. The boat trip costs € 12,50. Be aware that you have to reserve your own ticket online at www.ijmuidenserondvaart.nl

The Koningin Emma sails for the mainland both at 3 PM and at 5 PM, so if you like to stay longer than the official photowalk you are welcome to do so. I will be available for the HPC group all afternoon. (Peter Herweijer)

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