Workshop photography : Q&A session

Kshitij is a passionate photographer with a spark to share his knowledge. A travel and dance photographer, Kshitij likes to explore different facets of photography.

Kshitij would like to steer this workshop in a way you would like him to. There is a very small portion of a power point presentation in the workshop just to set the tone. The workshop is about your questions. If you have any difficulty in understanding any concept in photography, how does manual mode work, how eyes of the camera differ than human eyes, how does camera behave in different light conditions etc etc. Questions ranging from landscape and street photography to one light / multiple lights flash set up will be dearly welcomed. In a world of internet where sometimes finding answer to a very particular question can be intimidating, Kshitij will be happy to take that.

The idea of the workshop is to dive deep into the area of the question asked and not what is mentioned in a pre-defined power point presentation.
To understand something if it is needed a small hands on session will be demonstrated then and there. During the workshop, Kshitij will go through some pictures of his portfolio and would be happy to answer any question you on them and the topic will be deeply discussed.

Address: Tweede Helmersstraat 19-21 1054CB, Amsterdam

Please take your time to have a look at some of Kshitij professional work: (

The price of the workshop is 12,50 euro