Haarlem photo club

It is the weekend of culture, this 12th and 13th September in Haarlem. There are lots of activities to do in the city. And topics to photograph. Here the highlights in a row. Read More

The idea of this outing was to discover Den Haag city though its variety of architecture old and modern. With an exceptional stop our photo walk leader Lybil Ber showed us his office. We were special guests at Peace Palace!  IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

We asked a professional photographer and trainer, Mark de Rooij to make a selection of 5 photos and to comment them. 

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Three months ago I moved to the Netherlands, having spent one year moving back and forth from India to The Netherlands, till I could pass my Dutch integration test, to get a long term visa,. Having given an integration test and got 94/100 in the history section, I knew more history dates than my Dutch partner, but did that mean I was integrated more now than before? Is this method of integration relevant and working? well that is a discussion for another time… Read More

In 1910, this palace was built as a home for Polish Royalty. In the years that followed, it evolved through wars and social upheaval into an agricultural educational center, a home for the mentally handicapped and a school for disturbed children. Now it sits in decay and there is a haunting beauty to the photos from inside.

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Haarlem CS (Central Station): origin, style, architectonic details, difference between Haarlem CS and railway stations in other cities, renovations, qualification as “Rijksmonument” (state monument) and decoration for both national as international blockbuster movies like “Zwartboek” and “Ocean’s Twelve”.

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