Origin and philosophy

The Haarlem Photo Club was created in July 2014, offering articles, photo walks and contests. After a few months the photo club expanded, offering courses, workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

We focus on being the local center for Haarlem photography lovers who like to read articles about photography, join in contests, learn new techniques and especially connect with other photographers, share experiences and inspire each other at an event, lecture or workshop.

Beginner or a pro, all skill levels and equipment are welcome. Only sometimes in workshops a certain entrance level may be needed.

We are everywhere

In addition to the website you’re looking at right now, with news, articles and tips (written by professionals, writers and readers) and events, contests, exhibitions and courses, we are also pretty active on social media. See where you can follow, join or like us on our community page.

The Haarlem Photo Club has over 250 members, with approx 15-25 participants per event.

Haarlem Photo Club was founded and is lead today by Arianna & Marco Ardia-Wenink.
Team members and members are a crucial addition to the club, which exists thanks to them.


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