Workshop: Haarlem Night Shoots

Workshop: Haarlem Night Shoots


Discover the secrets of night photography during a night photography workshop in Haarlem!

Thursday, January 29, 2015,  to

Many people have problems to make beautiful and sharp photos in the dark. During an intensive workshop in the center of Haarlem we will explain you the techniques that you can use to make brilliant night photos.

The focus of this workshop is on making your own photos under supervision. By experiencing yourself you remember everything better than when only the theory is discussed. Plus you will also go home with beautiful photos!

We will walk with a group of to 8 people max to give everyone personal attention.

Keywords of the workshop? Quality and personal attention.. and we will have fun as well!

Contents night photography workshop

During the workshop we will discuss several issues that have to do with night photography. One week before the workshop will take place, you will receive an eBook with more than 30 pages of information about night photography. You can apply the theory / tips that you receive during the workshop, when questions will be answered and explained. During the workshop you will exercise to make beautiful pictures.

Some topics that we will treat during this workshop:

– The effect of long exposures

– Star formation of light in your pictures get

– Light painting

– Prevention of lens flare

– Night Photography techniques for optimal results.

After the workshop, you’ll be asked to e-mail your best 3 photos to be reviewed. The trainer will give you additional tips to bring you to a higher level. In addition, you will also get access to some on-line videos about editing night photos in Lightroom / Camera RAW and Photomatix for HDR shots.


To take part in this workshop you must have a SLR, compact system camera or a camera where you can manually set the shutter speed and diafragma. Not sure whether your camera is suitable? Please send a message to You also need a sturdy tripod. You do not have a tripod and you want to participate? Please also contact us, because the trainer has a limited number of stands available for rent. A cable release or remote control is not required for this workshop, but if you have one, it is certainly advisable to bring it along.


Mark de Rooij is a well known photography trainer in the Netherlands. He is the manager at the biggest on-line photography training institute in the Netherlands. Find more information about him here.

Meeting Point 

Grote Markt (near the statue)


You can’t on this date but are really interested? Or would you like to have the workshop in Dutch? Please send a message to and we will see what we can do. Also contact us if you want to come with a small group. perhaps it can be scheduled on a separate date.


The price of this workshop is € 47. Costs include an eBook on night photography worth € 9.95 and an assessment of your three best photos that you can e-mail afterwards. You also get access to on-line videos about editing night photos.


You can register and pay your fee here.

Arianna Ardia-Wenink
Arianna studied Literature and Arts at the University of Amsterdam, where she specialised a.o. in "museology" and "organisation & marketing of blockbuster exhibitions". After working for 6 years as market researcher & marketing analyst at, now she focuses her photography love and enthusiasm on the Haarlem Photo Club.

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