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THIS SUNDAY, August 10th 2014: Supermoon Will Be Closest Pass Yet

The August 2014 supermoon will be the closest the moon comes to earth all year and should be the best of the five supermoons of 2014 as it passes within 221,765 miles or 356.896 kilometre of us.

The August supermoon on August 10th, will have its closest pass at 11:09 a.m. Pacific time, or 6:09 p.m. universal time.

September 9th is the last supermoon.

The term supermoon

The “supermoon” is a relatively newly used term to refer to the “perigee full moon” or new moon, basically, when the moon comes to the closest point in its orbit to earth. “Supermoon” usually refers to any of a number of times the moon orbits earth that fall within the closest 10 percent of orbits.

In the Supermoon nights, the moon seems to be 12-16 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal. This phenomenon is called the “Ponzo illusion”.

This year is unique

This year is unique, as there will be also a “meteor shower”. Which is caused by the comet Swift Tutle, that passes through our inner solar system once in the 133 years, creating a trail of dust that getting in touch with the atmosphere provides a colourful spectacle.

More information about how it works

If you want the full astronomy of how it works, has an amazing amount of diagrams and graphics.


I think to know where you will be this Sunday night: outside! Probably at the coast. Enjoy and make great photos! 😉


(Source: CBS SF Bay Area and Waar Maar Raar)

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