Virtual Photo Challenge: HAARLEM & FOOD (& DRINKS) – Summer edition



What is a virtual challenge?  

The virtual challenge means that there is no physical event but we go away and photograph photos in keeping with the chosen theme and then post them into the Haarlem Photo Club Food Challenge Meetup album:

Ten selected photos for each season of the year will be published on the websites: Haarlem Photo ClubHaarlem Foodies and expatsHaarlem. We will start with the Summer photos. 1 photo will be selected as Facebook page header for the Haarlem Foodies page and if permitted, shown for the Summer season.  

In addition the first and second selected photos will win the only real ProefParkHaarlem Picnic blanket.

Challenge theme:  HAARLEM & FOOD (& DRINKS). This is the Summer edition so, a summer touch is appreciated.

Challenge posting period: today- 31st August 2015 

Where to post: In this photo album. Or mail your photos to

Things to consider: 

Picture should ideally be taken between now and the deadline. Try and avoid posting from your archive (of course if you have THE shot in your archive matching the theme you can post it but please mention that it comes from the archive).

One of the best things about virtual challenges is the opportunity to give each other feedback once the deadline is passed (till max 1 week after the deadline). So make some time to review other submissions and try to give constructive feedback or explain why you liked the photo to the photographer.

We will publish the selected photos on the websites: Haarlem Photo ClubHaarlem Foodies and expatsHaarlem

Picnic towel:

The 2 winning photos will gain the only real ProefParkHaarlem Picnic towel.

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