Show your work: photo exhibition at the Experience Haarlem Fair

On Saturday 13 October the annual Experience Haarlem Fair ( will be organised by our sister organisation, ExpatsHaarlem, in the Haarlem Hart Building. The Haarlem Photo Club is there with an exhibition and stand!

As every year, the Haarlem Photo Club will be present there with a stand, to promote our club and show our work. This year however we have a special opportunity for any of you.

We have given the chance to display an exhibition work of photographers at this day. Which is a great opportunity for you to show your work, as last year over 300 people visited the Fair in Haarlem and almost 400 visited in Hoofddorp.

All visitors will get the chance to vote for their favorite photograph and the winner of this will win a small prize.
If you are interested to take part in this, then the following applies:
*You must be a member of HPC on our Meetup page
*You should print your photo yourself, which you can collect at the end of the day.
*It would be nice if the photo is made during one of our events.

The frame are 40×60 so anything that fits in there is fine. There is also an option to hang the photos without a frame.

Interested? Please mail with your photo, title and camera details. We have space for around 12 photographs, so please be swift in deciding.